Michael Winkler

Fahfangoolah! The despised and indispensable Welcome to Woop Woop

Welcome to Woop Woop was mocked, knocked and written off like no Australian movie before it. Director Stephan Elliott, riding high from the global success of The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, was a tall poppy. Critics did not just cut him down: they put him and his weird film through the mulcher.

Then a strange thing happened. Over time, the movie derided as crass, unfunny and pointless started to win fans. For some it is a cult entertainment; for others it is a vibrant, visceral satire on old Australia and its values.

Through interviews with stars including Johnathon Schaech, Susie Porter and Maggie Kirkpatrick, and creative powerhouses like Stephan Elliott, Lizzie Gardiner and Mike Molloy, ‘Fahfangoolah!’ examines the film’s bizarre genesis and argues for its place in the Aussie film pantheon. Unforgettable stories of a strange and difficult shoot; a cast of characters that includes Barry Humphries, Rod Taylor and a drunken clown; the mapping of links to other outback movies; and a strong argument for Welcome to Woop Woop’s value as a cultural artefact: this companion is as vibrant, varied and provocative as the film that inspired it.

Pages: 158
ISBN: 9780994579805
Release date: May 2016 

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